Selland Auto Transport is proud to have in its fleet some of the newest technology available in the industry today. We have equipment ready at all times to handle any type of automotive transporting. From the most modern screw soft tie units, high sides, quick loaders and stacks, we can handle it all.

Some years ago, we saw the need to help minimize damage in transit. Knowing that, we worked diligently in research and development and were first in coming up with what is called a semi-enclosed unit that is user-friendly, light weight and functional. As the years have gone by, we have made changes with our tarp program, which now includes several other additions, which protects the autos even further. These investments in securing and protecting the manufactures products and delivering them safely and on time help us achieve our mission.

Our fleet is thoroughly maintained with a very high aggressive maintenance program. With our headquarters in Seattle, we have a facility with 4 bays, which includes technicians with many years experience in the trucking industry and the auto carrier field. We have a wash bay to make certain our fleet always looks its best. We also have a terminal in Laurel, Montana with service bays. Strategically placed throughout our lanes of travel are designated repair facilities and national accounts to assist with emergency repairs. Selland always makes sure that we stay in lock-step with an ever changing industry. We like to think that even the smallest of ideas and improvements can make a difference.

In addition to the company trucks, Selland Auto Transport has in its fleet a large base of Owner-Operators. We insist that these trucks and trailers are kept up to a standard that makes us all proud. Our shop in Seattle performs considerable maintenance on this equipment.