If you are interested in employment with Selland Auto Transport please review the information below. You may also fill out a form online to get the process started or download the full driver application in pdf format.

Driver Hiring Qualifications
Selland Rate Schedule
Applications and Forms
Employee Benefits

Driver Hiring Qualifications

  • Must meet all FMCS regulations
  • As noted in Parts 383 and 391 of the FMSCR
  • Minimum 2 years class A driving experience in the past three years
  • Minimum 1 year car hauling experience in the last 18 months
  • Minimum 23 years old
  • No major traffic violations in the last 3 years
    • Reckless/careless driving
    • Hit and Run; leaving the scene of an accident; failure to report an accident
    • Excessive speeding as defined by DOT; any single offense for any speed 15 mph or more above the posted speed limit
  • No more than 4 non-moving violations within the 12 months
  • No preventable accidents within the last 3 years involving a fatality, bodily injury treated away from the accident scene, disabling damage to a motor vehicle, or damage costing more than $1500.00
  • No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in a commercial vehicle.
  • No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in a personal vehicle within the last 5 years. Must provide proof of medical evaluation.
  • No history of positive random or post accident drug or alcohol testing
  • No felony convictions

Selland Rate Schedule

All payrolls are bi-weekly.

Hourly Pay: No hourly rate will be paid for freight deliveries unless approved by a regional manager unless the driver is enrolled in the driver-training program. If hourly pay is authorized, current rate of driver pay will be paid.The Current Rate: $24.00 an hour (Work and Benefit Pay) and $14.00 an hour (Stand-by)

Training Pay: Drivers enrolled in the Driver Training Program will be paid an hourly rate of $18.00 during their training period.

Mileage Pay:

  • Drivers with 1 year or less experience will be paid .49 cents a mile. If a driver hired with 6 months, but less then one-year experience, once the driver has obtained 1 year of experience, the mileage rate will be increased to .54 cents a mile.
  • Drivers with 1 year or more experience will be paid .54 cents a mile.
  • Drivers assigned to High Side Trucks with 1 year or less experience will be paid .54 cents a mile while loaded and .49 cents a mile while empty.
  • Drivers assigned to High Side Trucks with 1 year or more experience will be paid .60 cents a mile while loaded and .54 cents a mile while empty.

Unit Pay:

  • 1st Load: $6.50 a Unit
  • 2nd Load: $8.00 a Unit
  • 3rd Load: $10.00 a Unit
    *All loads must be delivered on the same day to claim tier pay.
  • Reloads: $5.50
  • Picks and Drops: $4.50 (After 1st)
  • Car Pulling: $3.00
  • Signed Survey: $1.50
  • Un-Signed Survey: $1.00

Backhaul: $10.00 per unit and cannot exceed 20% (out of route) of total miles for the outbound load.

Applications and Forms

Follow the link below to fill out and fax to us at (206) 768-7770 or email your application to jobs@sellandauto.com

Full Application Partial Application

Employee Benefits

Paid Vacation
Paid Vacation hours after one year of employment. Roll over of hours available.

Paid Sick Time
Paid Sick hours after 90 days of employment. 1 hour of sick time for every 40 hours worked. There is no maximum to the hours accrued.

Selland Auto Transport Inc is pleased to offer one of the most thorough medical plans available. SAT covers each eligible employee for a very low premium contribution & contributes towards the cost of your dependent coverage. This plan includes benefits for preventive care, mental health, chiropractic care and prescription drugs.

The vision plan includes a yearly vision exam with lens and hardware benefit of up to $200 each 24 months.

The dental plan an annual deductible of $25 per person (maximum $75) per family and a maximum annual benefit of $2,000 per person.

Section 125 Plan
Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code allows employers to deduct your portion of eligible insurance premiums (medical/vision/dental) from the payroll BEFORE your income is taxed. This reduces your over all cost for insurance because you don’t pay taxes on the money used for insurance premiums.

Life Insurance
SAT pays 100% of the premium cost. Each eligible employee has a death benefit of $20,000. The benefit doubles in the event of accidental death. Spouses of enrollees are covered for $2,000 and each child for $1,000.

Short-Term Disability Insurance
SAT pays 100% of the premium cost. This plan provides weekly income in the event that you are ill or injured and unable to work. The plan is designed to provide benefits for NON-work related injury or illness. Note: California employees are not covered on this plan as they are covered under the State of California plan.

Profit Sharing Plan
You may contribute up to 15% of compensation on a pre-tax basis (federal income taxes are not withheld, but social security taxes are withheld) - IRS imposed limit applies. Selland Auto Transport will make a matching contribution equal to 40% of each Participant’s eligible contribution up to 2.4% of gross pay per payroll period.